Welcome to Acosy Bumpers

The safe, cosy, no fuss alternative to bed rails for Children


All our Bumpers are made from 100% British NURSERY GRADE Cot Safe Foam manufactured in the UK.

A safe alternative to the hard bed rails of past, designed to do away with the fiddly clunky side catches, no fixtures, our bumpers just simply sit on the mattress edge and are secured in place by your fitted bottom sheet…….that’s it!!

Our Bed Bumpers are just deep enough to prevent your child from rolling out when asleep, soft enough to create ‘A Cosy Bumper’, yet friendly enough to clamber over.

We offer a range of bumpers from our Little Bed Bumpers for Cot-Beds to our Big Bed Bumpers for Single Beds or larger.  We also supply Mattress Wedges for elevation of the head end of your child's bed and our latest product the Acosy Wall Wedge to fill those gaps between bed and wall. No more searching for a dummy at 2am!

Why choose an Acosy Bumper?

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails White non slip textured foam – To fit discretely under any colour sheet.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails  Safe - Conforms to all UK BSI Standards – BS EN150 845:1995/BS EN150 2439:2001/BS3379:2005

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Non-allergenic & Hygienic – Foam that is resistant to bacteria breathable & washable

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Comfortable enough to snuggle up to.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Lightweight & portable – Light enough to fit in a suitcase.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Child friendly – The foam is as safe as your childs mattress.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails No Fixtures or Fittings – Quick and simple to use.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Secure, Soft, ‘Cosy’ & Silent! 

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Supplied in its own plastic storage bag and clip – Great for storing




Little Bed Duckling Pack
If purchased individually £27.98
£25.00 *
Little Bed Joey Pack
If purchased individually £30.98
£28.00 *
Big Bed Bumper
£17.99 *
Big Bed Cygnet Pack
If purchased individually £35.98
£32.00 *
Big Bed Tadpole Pack, an Acosy bestseller!
If purchased individually £48.97
£44.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery