Little Bed Mattress Wedge with Cover

Little Bed Mattress Wedge with Cover

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_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails The Little Bed Mattress Elevation Wedge is a specially designed wedge of white 100% British “NURSERY GRADE” cot safe FOAM.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails The purpose of the wedge is to elevate the head end of your mattress allowing your baby or child to sleep comfortably in a gentle elevated position.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails By placing the Wedge either under or on top of the cot mattress may promote better airflow to the chest and upper respiratory tract.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails The mattress wedge can also help ease the symptoms caused by childhood Asthma or children suffering from Colic, Reflux, Chesty Coughs and Colds.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails The elevation will also help assist drainage from nasal and ear passages during periods of General Congestion



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Little Bed Starter Pack Little Bed Starter Pack
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