Little Bed Duckling Pack

Little Bed Duckling Pack

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This package includes two of our award winning cot bumpers. Ideally suited for a cot bed in the middle of a room, or if you have twins, 2 cots placed again't a wall. As with all our bumpers to crib bumpers in this package are ideal for trips or sleepovers. All our bumpers are made of white non-slip textured "NURSERY GRADE" foam No Screws, Bars, fixtures or fittings _bumpers_bed_guards_bed_railsSoft, 'Cozy' & Silent!


_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_railsSoft, 'Cosy' & Silent!

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Save monet with our value packs

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Extremely light and portable. All our bumpers are supplied with a storage bag and clip.



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