Little Bed Joey Pack

Little Bed Joey Pack

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This pack contains one little bed bumper and one cot bed size extra deep fitted sheet.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Suitable for a cot bed positioned agains't a wall where only one side of the bed requires protection. This set is also ideal for travel or staying at friends or family's homes. For a cot bed positioned centrally in the room please refer to our Piglet Pack

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails All our bumpers are made from white non slip textured “NURSERY GRADE” foam

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails No Screws, Bars, Fixtures or Fittings

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Soft, ‘Cosy’ & Silent!

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Versatile positioning

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Buy multiple items and save £`s with our Pack deals

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Extremely lightweight & Portable Secured in place by your bottom fitted sheet

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails Supplied in its own plastic storage bag and clip.


_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails The extra deep fitted sheet is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester making it both comfortable and durable.

_bumpers_bed_guards_bed_rails All our sheets can be washed at high temperatures and tumble dryed for your convenience.

The Extra deep part of the `sheet` is the depth of the corners and sides. The `Fitted` part is the elastic hem holding the sheet around the underside of the mattress. These Extra deep sheets accommodates both the mattress and Infant Bed Bumpers without causing excessive tension and tenting therefore allowing the sheet to fit snugly over both the Bumper and mattress. When you have made the bed using our sheet, you may still think that this is still too tight, but once your child lays in the bed the fabric will normally grip around the bumper and fit comfortably!


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